HappyAnt - magnetic formicaria

We would like to introduce you to a new kind of formicaria! Modules in which ants live and build a colony can be freely linked. This way you can create an unlimited formicarium of any shape.

Another element is the arena that serves to place an ant food. Here, as well as the modules, it can be combined to expand the formicaria.


We wish you a lot of success in ant keeping!

Unlimited expansion

Modules can be added gradually depending on how fast your colony grows.

As a one unit

Thanks to powerful magnets, the entire formicarium acts as a one unit that can be easily manipulated.

Easy maintenance

The arena can be easily kept clean. The module can be opend and celaned as well, or it is possible to replace a cork.

Nice design

Formicarium becomes your home accessories.

Natural material

Cork is the ideal material in which the ants feel like at home.

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