DYI formicarium classic

HappyAnt Klasik was the first commercial model of HappyAnt, designed to be a practical and nice product that will be extendable as your colony expands (so-called modular formicarium). After a long development and many prototypes, this goal has been accomplished and the product now serves to many satisfied users!
Due to relatively laborious production, however, it is not possible to produce this type in larger series and at an affordable price. That’s why I’ve decided to release a free DIY tutorial to those who want to keep ants and save some money.
Along with the tutorial, all production data (.stl files and other drawings) are also available for free download.
Some material and parts are expensive and difficult to purchase in smaller series, so we offer to buy them on our e-shop.
I wish good luck and success to all makers and ant keepers!

Module and arena description

Formicarium consists of two main parts: The module in which the ant colony lives, spends winter, stores food,...
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consists of a 3D printed plastic body made of PET-G black material, a cork filling with corridors, plexiglass, and...
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Material and individual components

Prints from a 3D printer (PET-G) Laser cutted parts made of plexiglass. 2 mm 6 mm thick...
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3D Printing

  I can recommend a Prusa 3D printer that is already tested for this product. Even more...
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Orientation and gluing of magnets

Neodymium magnets are really strong, so good glue is needed. The 2 component BISON epoxy glue was...
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  consists of a 3D printed plastic body made of PET-G and an plexiglass lid. It is...
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