We want ant keeping to be as common hobby as keeping fish, cats or dogs is. That our colonies could be the adornment and joy we want to share with others.

We know that it needs a formicarium with easy and intuitive use, as well as a nice design. We convey this belief to our products and we believe they will bring you a lot of fun and joy.

Martin Kůst
HappyAnt founder


Comes out of our previous products. The ideas, and innovations are pushed one step further. The principle of unplugging and connecting with magnets was, of course, maintained. In addition, thanks to the six-sided Module, you can expand your ant nest to all six directions and thus create much more combinations than ever before. The Arena provides plenty of space for ants, food, drink and easy maintenance. Our aim was to give you a clear view into the arena.

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Happy Ant langues a new eshop from Czech manufacturer, Happy Ant makes purchasing a breeze.


Hradec Králove, Srpen 2018

Musím říct, že jsem přijemne překvapen kvalitou spracovánií formikárií. Jsouoriginálne řešena a lze je jednoduše obsluhovat, rozširovat a pozorovat mravenčí kolonii. Věřím jakmile se rozšíří formikáření tady v ČR bude tento eshop zkvétat. Balení s objednávkou bylo pečlivě zabaleno s přiloženým návodem. Doporučuji.


Australia, Leden 2017

Your product looks awesom! Looking forward to trying them out.

New product line EMPIRE

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