Ant Exchange programm

The aim of this project is to make it easier for new ant keepers to find a new colony. No fees and no registration is needed.

If you are interested in the offer or request, please write to mail: Subsequently, you will receive the contact (mail) of the author and all other communication will be up to you. This is necessary to keep the information up-to-date. Therefore, contributions older than 1 year will be automatically deleted.

Country, city Specie Size Ant nest Price Photo Note Date of Publication
Croatia, Split Messor barbarus 300-500 workers Yes, 4 modular formicaria with bag of white sterilized substrate 100 Euro plus shipping costs here
Will ship to Europe.
4 modular formicaria included, to support the growth up to 2000 workers without additional cost. The nests can interconnect in a ring or zig-zag pattern
12 September 2018


Specie Size Location Price Note Date of publication
1. jakýkoli královna s pár dělnicemi ČR do 500 Kč 9.6.2018


Send an e-mail to:



I would like to offer an ant colony on your site:

Country, City: Country and city where you live or where you have a colony and you are planning to ship it from

Species: What spieces is it? Try to specify at least the genus (or most likely) name. You can also use advice on ant forums.

Size: Only queen / queen and 5 -10 workers / about 100 workers etc …

Formicarium: What does the colony live in? In what kind of formicarium are you going to send it? test-tube / Ytong Formicarium / HappyAnt Formicarium (how many modules?)

Price: How much money you would like to recieve for the colony?

Photo: Please do not forget to attach photos. Of both colonies and individual ants, but also formicariums. This will make it possible to specify the spieces of ants.

If there is anything else you want to communicate, do not hesitate.

After receiving an email, your offer will be published in the table.


Send an e-mail to:



I am looking for an ant colony:

Species: What kind (s) would you be interested in?

Size: Do you want only Queen / Queen and at least 10 Workers / Big Colony?

Area: This is mainly about shipping. Do you want the colony to be sent only from Czech / Europe/ USA?

Price: How much are you willing to pay?

If there is anything else you want to communicate, do not hesitate.

After receiving your email, your request will be published in the table.


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