Comes out of our previous products. The ideas, and innovations are pushed one step further. The principle of unplugging and connecting with magnets was, of course, maintained. In addition, thanks to the six-sided Module, you can expand your ant nest to all six directions and thus create much more combinations than ever before. The Arena provides plenty of space for ants, food, drink and easy maintenance. Our aim was to give you a clear view into the arena.

Pre-Sale Empire

Get a special Pre-Sale price!
The offer is valid till November 30, 2018!

Pre-Sale set consists of:
1 x Arena (Empire)
2 x Module (Empire)
1 x bonus – Moisture Syringe (Empire)


Serves as an outworld for ants. You can place food and liquids, or even decorations inside.
You can connect up to four Modules at a time to the Arena. You connect as you would do with two modules – it is enough to remove white plugs and put the parts together.

Technical parameters:
Glass part – height x width x length: 60 x 195 x 145 mm
Overall dimensions – height x width x length: 65 x 210 x 188 mm
Hole diameter: 6 mm


The Module is the hexagonal part of the formicarium in which the ants live. Under the clear plexiglass there is a cork with premade corridors, giving the ants the natural environment and the necessary humidity.
Using these Modules, you can easily expand your colony after unpuging white plugs.

Technical parameters:
cork height: 8 mm
hole diameter: 6 mm
diameter of circle described module: 130 mm


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