Module (Empire)



is the fundamental part of your formicarium set. It serves as a living area for ants. With other Modules you can easily expand your ant nest in all six directions. Just remove one of the white plugs and put the modules together. They stick together, due to two very powerful magnets.

The Module is filled with a cork board. Cork provides a natural environment for ants, which they can modify and adapt themselves. The great advantage of cork is also that it will not be a problem for you to keep the right humidity inside the nest. Modules are provided with premade corridors in the cork. You can order extra cork without corridors.

You can comfortably observe your ants through plexiglass, firmly mounted to the rest of the module. However if necessary, you can remove the plexiglass, replace the cork inside or just clean it up and prepare the nest for the new colony. The plexiglass is also fitted with tiny air holes.

The red lid on the top of your Module provides darkness and rest for your ant colony. It’s possition is secured by magnets as well.

Technical parameters:
cork height: 8 mm
hole diameter: 6 mm
diameter of circle described module: 130 mm


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