Where and how to get ants

Buying ants

This is the easiest way. An advantage is the time saved and the possibility of getting exotic species.

In the Czech Republic, Europe and the world there are several internet shops where you can buy ants as well as other goods. Mostly, they are a small starting colony with a queen and 20 to 50 laborers still living in a test tube. This is also packed with ants and sent by post to the customer. It is obvious that for the ants the way is not very pleasant and it may happen that the journey will not survive. That is why most e-shops do not guarantee the health of colonies, and more exotic species send only within a given country or allow only personal take-over. For common and more resilient species, we can recommend maximum transport across Europe, but in no case would we recommend sending ants between continents.

For buying ants in the Czech Republic is the best insectarium.cz, offering even more exotic species. Even the prices are very favorable.

If you are looking for exotic species, you can recommend antstore.net, located in Berlin, where all goods are sent. The disadvantage can be high prices, both ants and postage.

Ant exchange

This is a cheaper option for large colonies.

The ant keeping community has created several locations where demand and supply can meet. These are facebook sites or online stores. Here are offered freshly captured queens with the first workers, but also large colonies, moved to formicariums. If you are interested in a larger colony then there is an opportunity. The trade process itself only between the offeror and the buyer, which can be a disadvantage – seriousness is not guaranteed. And, of course, the same ants transport recommendations apply.

On our site in the AntExchange section you can find current offers and requests for ants. You can then contribute by offering or, on the contrary, get a new colony.

There is a very active Czech – Slovak facebook page of Mravce, mravenci a ich chov, in addition to many other contributions, advice and recommendations, you can also find offers and demands for ants.

From foreign offers we can mention again antstore.net, which also offers on its pages auction / bazaar with ants and other ant keeping accessories.

Catching queens in nature

This method is time consuming, but on the other hand the most valuable. You will be able to track the growth of your colony from the very beginning.

There are many sources of information on the capture of ants on the Internet, so here I am trying to introduce you to the best and most conspicuous ones.

In addition to the previous facebook pages of Mravce, mravenci a ich chov, which, especially at the time of ants nuptual flights, find up-to-date information about the occurrence, there is the Czech side of Zbyškovi mravenci, which is outdated, but provides all beginner breeders with a good base. The Czechoslovak forum mravce.info will also be a good resource.

From outside sources, we can recommend YouTube videos from AntsCanada, where everything is illustrated and shown.


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